Culinary Services

Seabury Chefs Offer Kitchen Tour to Future Chefs

Seabury’s Director of Culinary Services Ken Cassella and Executive Chef Steve Acton gave a tour of the Seabury kitchen and a lecture on working in the culinary industry to 26 young, prospective chefs visiting from Lincoln Culinary Institute in Hartford.



Fresh, Healthy, Innovative Cuisine


Seabury enjoys a great reputation for being innovative and forward thinking, and that applies to our Culinary Department as well. Our Director of Culinary Services,Chef, Ken Cassella, has fostered this mindset among his staff, and the result is our residents and guests always have a delicious, nutritious and beatifully presented meal.

Chef Cassella is a strong advocate of the farm-to-plate movement, and strives to combine healthy eating with local products. He incorporates use of local produce and sustainable fish whenever possible into daily meal offerings. He also practices what he calls "stealth health", which encourages healthy eating by making health-wise choices in the preparation of meals. Simple things such as using whole grains or maximizing the flavor of a dish using fesh herbs help our residents eat healthier without even realizing it.

Chef Cassella is passionate about his craft and strives to foster that enthusiasm among his staff. He developed a Culinary Apprentice Program with a rigorous curriculum designed to increase both culinary knowledge and personal cooking skills.

It is dedication and commitment like this that keeps Seabury's culinary program at the peak of excellence.

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